The nursery is intended only for use by parents who are serving as a class helper, attending Parent Encouragement Time, or observing their child's public speaking presentation.  Once you've finished, please pick up your child(ren) promptly.  You're welcome to stay in the nursery with your child(ren) to visit with other parents until the session ends.

If your child has allergies or special instructions please place a pink sticker near their nametag (found on the registration table each week) and fill out the special instruction sheet on the nursery counter. 

Please understand that even if you don't have nursery age children, you may be assigned a rotation in the nursery.

Nursery Helper Information:
  • A nursery helper cares for the young children of parents who are attending Parent Encouragement Time, watching a child's public speaking, or serving as a class helper.  Nursery is also provided for our teachers' children.
  • Depending on allergies of children in the nursery- snacks may be available for the children.  If we are planning a snack-- the food, napkins, and cups will be on the counter in each room.  Children should sit at the table and wash their hands with hand sanitizer before snack time. If a family would like to provide their own snack they are asked to take their child to the north foyer to eat it and wash up before returning to the nursery. This is just a precautionary measure for allergies.  Parent helpers should refrain from bringing snacks into the nursery for this same reason.
  • There are 1-2 nursery rooms.  To keep consistent with the CCC guidelines, we try to separate the children into different rooms according to their age.  This helps keep the toys age appropriate and creates a safer environment for the children.  Signs will be posted outside the nursery doors to indicate the ages for each room.  
  • Christ Community Church has a policy that all nursery workers need to have a background check on file.  We are asking each family to complete the background check paperwork once every three years.  If you don't have one on file from previous sessions, we will have one waiting for you at the registration table.