I Am New To Co-op

The following addresses the most commonly asked questions of those who are new to co-op.  Please read the other pages on the website to find more in-depth information.  If you have other questions, feel free to contact one of the volunteer coordinators.   

Christ Community Church
4400 55th Street NW, Rochester

Co-op teachers are paid a salary.  They have a knowledge of the area they are teaching.  They must sign a statement of faith.

The fee listed on the registration form is per child for the 6 or 8 week session.

There are two sessions offered each school year:  6-8 week fall session (September-October) and 6-8 week winter session (January- March).  Classes and teachers change each session.  You do not have to register for both sessions.

Because this is a co-op, parents are required to help in the nurseries and classrooms.  Each family will generally help in 6-12 class periods during the session (depending on session length, number of families, and number of helpers required).  Once registration is complete, a SignUp Genius link will be sent out for families to sign up for the Parent Helper Schedule.

A nursery is available for younger siblings who are not enrolled in co-op.  The nursery may be used only:
  • During Parent Encouragement Time from 1:00-2:00 each Friday (provided the parent is not on the Parent Helper Schedule)
  • When a parent is helping in a classroom
  • When a parent is watching his/her K-3rd grader present his/her public speaking
Class divisions vary with each session and are dependent upon registration numbers.  Typically, Kindergarten-3rd grade will be divided into 3 sections and will have all the same classes.  4th-8th grade will usually have the same classes and will be divided into 4th- 5th and 6th-8th.