Parent Helper Schedule

It is imperative that parent helpers show up promptly for their assigned helping times.  We realize that sometimes two or three helpers do not always seem needed for each class; however, we schedule parents based on how many helpers the teachers request.  Parents should consider this a GREAT opportunity to observe their child in class.  Plus, if there is a classroom emergency, it allows one parent to deal with the situation while the other parent(s) can continue in the class.  Therefore, we expect parents to fulfill their helper responsibilities or forfeit their enrollment to another family on the waiting list.

If you know you'll be gone a certain day (i.e. vacation, etc.), please indicate that on your registration form, and we'll make every effort to not assign you during that time.

We make every attempt to allow you to do your helper slots in one of your child's classrooms.  Unfortunately, this is not always possible and you may be helping with different age groups than your child.  We appreciate your understanding regarding this.

If you cannot serve on the dates you've been assigned, it is your responsibility to find a replacement and switch with another parent on the schedule.    It is critical to the success of the co-op that you show up when you're scheduled.

Parent Helper Information:
  • Assist the teacher in any way possible.  Please be proactive...don't wait for the teacher to ask you to do something.  Take notice of a child who may need extra help, take children to the restroom, help with classroom control, get extra supplies, help with end of class clean up, etc.  You are also responsible to escort your class to the next classroom when it is time for class rotation.  Class rotation schedule will be posted outside of each classroom door.
  • Take a head count of the children in your class and pass this number on to the next class helper.  This way we won't lose track of a child who may be in the bathroom as we switch classes.
  • It is the parent helper's responsibility to maintain students' appropriate behavior in class - it is not our hired teacher's job.  Please enforce the CCH Code of Conduct Policy.
  • We adhere to "two-deep-leadership". There should always be two adults present in the classroom, unless there is an emergency that requires someone to go for help. An adult teacher or helper is never to escort a child into the restroom. If you have a younger child needing help or an older child that is ill/needing help please have two adults present. We will contact the parents when warranted. 
  • We require all adults that will be in the classrooms to have a background check on file. These are good for 3 years. If you are sending someone to help in the classroom in your place (spouse, grandparent,etc) please have them stop at the desk to let us know they are replacing you and fill out a background form. 
  • Please do not bring your other child(ren) into the room with you when you are a class helper.  If you have a separation anxiety issue with your younger child, please ask an adult in the nursery to take over your spot as a class helper, so you can stay in the nursery with your child. We have made an exception in the past for sleeping infants strapped on in baby carriers-- please use your discretion and step out and ask a nursery volunteer to switch as needed. Our preference would be to do your helper hours in the nursery (and then just step into observe your older children's classes when you are not scheduled to help and your infant is sleeping). If you have an older child that you have opted not to enroll in coop classes, you may not bring them in to the classroom with you to do your parent helper hours. You may set them up in the café to work on a quiet activity/homework or you may do  your helper hours in the nursery and have them with you as a 'helper'. While your particular child may not be a problem, we cannot take this on a case by case basis or set a precedent and have multiple older children in classrooms.  Please help us in respecting these guidelines so that all of our children and teachers can have the best experience possible.
  • Please turn your cell phone to vibrate and refrain from visiting with the other class helper(s) as these can distract the class and the teacher.