What is the location of co-op?
Christ Community Church
4400 55th Street NW, Rochester

Where do I park?
Please park in the east parking lot of the church.

Which entrance do I use?
Use Door #2 on the east side of the church.

Where do I check-in each Friday?
The registration table will be in the hallway inside Door #2.

What is the check-in process each Friday?
  1. Go to the kiosk machines to print out name tags for your family.
  2. Check the registration table for handouts or to review the helper schedules.
  3. First hour nursery helpers go directly to nursery rooms to care for first hour helpers' children so that classes can begin on time. Please be there by 12:45. 
  4. 4th through 8th graders go to their first classes which begin promptly at 12:45 PM.
  5. Parents and nursery through 3rd graders go to the FOYER for large group opening at 12:50 PM.
What and where is the large group opening?
Large group opening is for parents and nursery through 3rd graders.  It will take place in the FOYER at 12:50 PM each Friday.  We will have brief announcements, the Pledge, and prayer.  Parents, please accompany your child(ren) to large group opening.  If you are helping in a classroom during the first hour, please attend opening and escort your class to their room. Parents, you are responsible to make sure your children get to their first class and then a class helper will keep a headcount during co-op.

Where and when does the co-op day end?
At the end of the co-op day, all students will be escorted to Room #200 to wait to be picked up.  Please try to be prompt in picking up your children.  All children must stay in Room #200 until they are picked up.  We would appreciate any parents who are available to help monitor the children in Room #200.

What are the sick child guidelines?
At times it is hard to decide if a child is "well-enough" to attend co-op.  Here are some guidelines which will give you some direction.  Please do not bring a child to co-op who:
  • has a temperature of 100 degrees or higher
  • has vomited within the last 24 hours
  • has a runny nose with green or yellow mucus
  • has had severe diarrhea within the last 24 hours
  • has been exposed to a contagious condition such as chicken pox, measles, strep throat, or roseola
Remember the golden rule of sick day decisions:  If another child had the same symptoms, would you be glad to have him/her sitting next to your child?

What is the policy on canceling co-op?
The policy of CCC is that when Rochester public schools are closed, all events in the building will be cancelled. We will send an email by 9am confirming the cancellation of coop for that day.

What are the procedures in case of an emergency?
In the event of an injury, an emergency folder on the registration table will contain the parent's information sheet with the cell phone and/or emergency contact phone number.  If the parent is not in the building, follow your best judgment on how to proceed while trying to contact the parent.  There is a first aid kit and telephone by the gym door. There will also be a first aid kit on the registration table. 

May I observe a class?
When you are not scheduled to be a helper in a classroom, you are welcome to sit in on the class.  However, it can be tempting for parents to begin chatting and possibly disrupt the class.  Please make every attempt to observe quietly.  Please do not bring any younger siblings into the classroom when you are observing.

What is the dress code for co-op?
Ensure your child is appropriately dressed for enjoying all the classes... especially tennis shoes for physical education.