Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Kindergarten students must be age 5 by September 1, 2017.

FEE: $50

 CLASS 1:   ART  (1 hour)


This 6 week art offering will explore the Theory of Color as we create a variety of art projects. Students will create art with a number of different art mediums including watercolors, paints and collage materials. We will look at a few artists and their works  throughout our study as well.


Lori has provided many hands-on classes for fellow homeschoolers over a 15 year span. Her favorite learning experiences to bring to the children are science, art history and country studies. In her spare time she enjoys time with her family (husband- Dave , 3 children, 8 grandchildren) ,quilting and organizing.


 CLASS 2:   Ornithology  (1 hour)

DESCRIPTION: In this activity driven unit students will learn what makes birds unique, what difference they make in our world and how we can help with their conservation.  Other themes students will explore are: migration vs hibernation, camouflage, survival tricks, uses for feathers, & basics of identifying birds.  

TEACHER:  Jenny Doty was born and raised in Rochester.  She met her husband of 21 years, Jon, while attending Minnesota Bible College which is where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Education.  Jenny has 7 years experience teaching Kindergarten - 1st grade at a local Christian school as well as teaching civics, science, & writing units to 2nd-6th graders.  She has homeschooled her daughter Kayla, who will be a senior this year, since 8th grade.  Her daughter Elizabeth will be attending John Adams Middle School this fall.  Jenny has been an avid birder for many years, has twice been published in Birds & Blooms magazine and loves to share her enthusiasm for birds and God’s creation in the classroom.  

PUBLIC SPEAKING (20 minutes)

DESCRIPTION: One time during the session, each student will have the opportunity to share in front of their class about a a favorite pet, family outing, special project, interesting information about a historical place, something they're studying, etc.


GYM (40 minutes)

DESCRIPTION: Fun group & skill games

VOLUNTEER TEACHER:  Group 1 : Leah Gilbert
                                            Group 2 : Melissa Bishop
                                            Group 3 :  Jamie Miller