Kindergarten - 3rd Grade (K-3rd- Groups 1 & 2)

Kindergarten students must be age 5 by September 1, 2018.

FEE: $35


What will it become??       (1 hour)


Did you know Play-doh could take a stain off your wall?  Or that a Slinky was originally invented to help stabilize sound waves on a naval ships?  What we use these things for now is not what they were originally created to be. We will look at the invention of toys and games, how they can be used as learning activities, and how art influenced their design.  We will look at dance, theater and visual arts. We will study how these forms of art have influenced particular inventions. From our understanding of these art forms, we will create a piece of personal artwork representing major events in our lives.  The "Big Idea" of this class is to understand and appreciate how events in our life, good or bad, can shape us into who we are.

TEACHER:  Laura Kycek

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies and Theology and Christian Education from Crossroads College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Crown College.  I have been involved in Children's Ministry at churches in Rochester and the Twin Cities over the past 18 years. Before having children and staying home full-time, I was a reading tutor for K-3rd grade students with the Minnesota Reading Corps.  My passion is for helping children come to know, love and serve Jesus. I married my childhood friend and high school sweetheart (Michael) in 2009. We have two boys, Andrew (7) and Benjamin (5). We live in Rochester, MN. In my spare time I love to be crafty, travel (especially to Disney), read and be with my family.

PUBLIC SPEAKING (20 minutes)

DESCRIPTION: One time during the session, each student will have the opportunity to share in front of their class about a a favorite pet, family outing, special project, interesting information about a historical place, something they're studying, etc.


PE(40 minutes)

DESCRIPTION: Physical activity and fun! 

VOLUNTEER TEACHER:  Group 1 :  Mrs. Swick
                                            Group 2 :  Mrs. Cullen & Mrs Dettinger