Kindergarten - 3rd Grade (K-3rd- Groups 1 , 2, 3)

Kindergarten students must be age 5 by September 1, 2019.

FEE: $ 55


Exploring Art    (1 hour)


We will explore art through a variety of mediums, techniques and famous artists. This will be a hands-on class that will encourage children to have an understanding and appreciation of art! After this class your student should be able to: identify famous artists, identify different techniques, know how to properly clean paint brushes, know how to properly give and receive art critique, have fun with art, and value oneself as a unique creation made by the creator to explore and make art!


Whitney Lett first discovered a love for art through dance. In elementary school she joined a worship dance team, where researching the history of dance was required. This lead to several art classes throughout junior high, high school, and college. Whitney was a professional dancer until her first child in 2008, she then became a freelancer and social media marketer to stay home full time. Fast forward to now and she has four kids, home schools three with her husband Sam, while working towards her DONA Doula certification. 

 Health & Nutrition (1 hour)


        Let's get busy learning about how to take care of the most amazing part of God's creation, our body!


        Health and well being for our body and mind makes for a better ability to serve God and others.

        We will learn a different body system anatomy each session ( no gender specific teaching this time)  and what         nutrients help keep that system running in tip top shape.

        A few recipes, activities, and learning about results of nutrient deficiencies will be part of each session.

        How to breathe better, build our immune system, care for our brain, how oral health impacts overall heath,                what our skin needs, our five senses, better digestion, and more.



        Amy Sauder has homeschooled from the beginning and has five daughters, ages, 19, 18, 15, 13, and 6.
        Her pre parenting years were spent employed in journalism as a morning radio news announcer and air talent         for stations in several cities across the country, including Denver, Dallas and Minneapolis. Amy was raised on         a dairy farm near Pine Island, MN where her family resides. Her passion for nutrition comes from the victories         over health challenges and several years of daily training under nutritionists, and as a facilitator for education         in nutrition to individuals nationwide.


PUBLIC SPEAKING (20 minutes)

DESCRIPTION: One time during the session, each student will have the opportunity to share in front of their class about a a favorite pet, family outing, special project, interesting information about a historical place, something they're studying, etc.


PE(40 minutes)

DESCRIPTION: Physical activity and fun! 

                                            Group 2 :  
                                            Group 3 :