6th - 8th Grade

FEE: $75


Self Defense (1 hour)


The class is a beginners course in self-defense, which includes basic hand and foot techniques. The hand and foot techniques will include blocks and strikes to defend against a personal attack. We will be discussing surrounding awareness and situational awareness. We will also be using punching bags for practice. Please wear comfortable clothes, remove all jewelry and footwear. 


My name is Buffy Currie, I am a 3rd degree black belt in American style martial arts. I have been teaching for 25 years.

The Marvel of Bridges (1 hour)

This unit study on bridges brings STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities together through hands-on and problem based learning.  Students will investigate the six basic modern bridge forms:  beam, truss, arch, cantilever, cable-stay, and suspension.  After developing a basic understanding of the various bridge forms, students will be challenged to design and build a bridge of high quality and strength.  Students will test their bridges at the end of the six weeks and present their findings and understanding in the form of a lap-book.  Students will be working in small groups (2-3 students) for the majority of the activities.


 Chelsea Anderson has her Masters in Elementary Education and BA in Biology from Truman State University.  She has taught 5th and 6th grade science in the public school system, served as a lead Title I teacher in public and parochial schools, and assisted with various children's ministries.  She thoroughly enjoys being a stay at home mom with her three daughters.  She is originally from Illinois and moved to Minnesota nine years ago.  She has been married to her husband, Trent, for ten years.  They have lived in Wabasha for four years.

American Composers Adventure   (1 hour)


Come and enjoy a study on American Composers & Musical Styles! Students will learn about several American Composers and styles, complete worksheets in class to help remember fun details, as well as have the opportunity for in class listening. During listening time students will have the option to draw their reaction to the music we are learning about that day.


Kristi Jalmasco has been involved in music her entire life. An accomplished pianist and piano teacher, as well as church music leader, Kristi loves opening the doors to the lives of composers and music styles for young people. She was a music major for two years at North Central University before switching to Christian Studies, where she emphasized in Biblical Studies and Biblical Languages. She is currently a Classical Conversions tutor for the Rochester-1 Campus, a worship leader at her church, and non-stop mom of three: AnnMarie, a senior at Schaeffer Academy, Sabrina, 7th grade and Noah, 4th grade, both in homeschool.

GYM (30 minutes)

DESCRIPTION:  Fun group & skill games