4th - 5th Grade (4-8th Group 1)

FEE: $ 75


Nutrition  (1 hour)


Coming soon. 


Amy Sauder


 Science of Water  (1 hour)


 This course will cover various properties of water.  We will study such properties as the molecular structure of water, surface tension, density, absorbency, diffusion, and wave action through hands-on activities and experiments. In the older class, we will also be learning about the scientific method.  There will be handouts, demonstrations, and discussions throughout the course.

TEACHER:  Lynn Kasprzyk

My name is Lynn Kasprzyk and I will be a new resident of Rochester, MN as of the end of August.  I have four children and 5 (soon to be 6) grandchildren. I have a BS degree in Secondary Education from Slippery Rock University with a major in mathematics and a concentration in science.  I have taught mathematics and science in a public school and in Christian schools for 11 years and I homeschooled my four children for 18 years. I have many interests which include skiing, horseback riding, exercising, sewing, and being involved in church ministries such as teaching Sunday school, helping in the missions program and going on missions trips, and ministering in ladies’ prisons.  

Bible, Drama, ACTION!   (1 hour)


This class is established to write the word of God on the hearts of kids.  We will select some power-packed, faith-filled scriptures, memorize them together (with laughter and FUN) , then allow each child to share their passage with the class as a monologue.  Each child will receive kind, loving and encouraging feedback to improve their delivery of God’s mighty, awesome words. We are going to be flexible, creative and allow the Holy Spirit to lead each child into the boldness that comes in believing and sharing His Truth.  Indeed, we are living in powerful times as we prepare for Christ’s 2nd Coming!

TEACHER:  Heather Schuster

After many years in the glorious wilderness of God’s presence and good bible teaching, Heather is returning to teach the faith of Christ!  Her first ministry is to her daughter Chloe, age 11 and her wonderful husband Adam, of 17 years.

Heather received her B.S. from UW-RF in Broadcast Journalism and Mass Communication and her MA from Bethel Seminary in Children’s and Family Ministry.  Heather has taught in various Christian environments from nursery to women’s ministry but her heart from the Lord is to children.

PE (30 minutes)

DESCRIPTION:  Fun group & skill games