4th - 5th Grade

FEE: $75

A Quick Walk through MN History(1 hour)


MN history is usually covered in 6th grade in public schools. This 6 week course can serve as a brief introduction or review (depending on what you have covered at home). In each class students will have a brief overview of the time period/topic and then work with primary and secondary sources (including maps) in small groups. At the end of the 6 weeks, students will take home their own 25 page+ "notebook" of MN history.


Tisha Frost has her Masters in Education and her BA in American Studies from the University of Notre Dame. She has been a high school teacher, a youth minister, a Sunday School Director, and an interim principal; but her most challenging job to date is staying home full time with her five young rambunctious children! She grew up in Chatfield, MN and moved back to the area five years ago . She has been married ten years to Ben, a Duluth native, and they live out in the country just south of Rochester.

Science: Raptors (Birds of Prey) (1 hour)


During the 6 week winter session we will be exploring these magnificent birds.  They include owls, eagles, hawks, buzzards, falcons, condors, vultures and osprey.  We will learn about their anatomy, the environments in which they live, their place in the food chain, hunting tactics and migration patterns.  Time will be spent discussing the status of various raptors which might be endangered or threatened and creating ideas for conservation efforts.

*NOTE:   We will be dissecting owl pellets during one class session  The pellets have been fumigated and should normally present no concerns.  However, if a child has significant allergies to pet dander and/or fur and would prefer to not participate with the hands on dissection, an alternate activity will be provided.


Sherry Hanson is a lifelong learner who enjoys sharing the learning process with others.  She has a Bachelors Degree in Counseling and has recently semi-retired from this field.  Having reduced work hours allows her to return to being able to share the learning process through teaching.  She has taught many co-op classes in the past during the years she homeschooled her children.  Sherry lives in Mantorville with her husband of 36 years and their two very spoiled cats.

Art: Is it Art?  (1 hour)


ls It Art? How can you tell? Who says it is, or is not? Whether your student is passionate about art or not, they will leave intrigued to discover more. This winter we’ll explore six different avenues of art ranging from word art to architecture and many more in between. We’ll use multiple mediums to build, sculpt and create. We hope to see your student there as we dive into a bit of art history and technique while creating a love for all things art!


With a degree in Graphic Design and Advertising from a little college in Northern Minnesota, Kristin Rogers enjoys all aspects of art and creativity. Whether it be picking up a paintbrush with a blank canvas and getting lost in the colors or hunting for the perfect piece of barn wood for vintage signs - art is a daily joy at the Rogers Academy. Kristin and her husband, Karl, spend time with their three daughters having fun with nature, traveling when they can and getting lost in books. This is Kristin’s first year teaching and her third year homeschooling.

GYM (30 minutes)

DESCRIPTION:  Fun group & skill games