CCH Code of Conduct

Please understand your responsibility in the co-op before your register.
  • It is the responsibility of parents to monitor and control the behavior of their children while involved in any event sponsored by Christ Community Homeschoolers (CCH).
  • Because the building will be used by others while we are there, please be considerate of them by being quiet in the hallways and respectful of others' property and time.  Running in the hallways, disruptive behavior, and foul language or gestures are not allowed.
  • Children are to listen and be attentive to the teachers and parent helpers at all times.
  • The children, in order to show respect for adults, should address them as "Mr." and "Mrs." during co-op.  It is also a wonderful opportunity to reinforce the habit of using words which show courtesy:  "Please," "Thank you," "I'm sorry," "Excuse me," etc.
  • Appropriate, modest attire is expected during all CCH events.
  • The teachers and parent helpers will work together to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning during group gatherings.  The teacher is responsible for teaching.  The parent helper is responsible for maintaining appropriate conduct in the classroom.  
  • If re-occurring disruptive behavior happens and it is affecting the entire group, there are the steps which will be taken:
                1st time - The student is corrected and given a warning by the parent helper; the parent and co-op
                coordinators are told of the incident as well.

                2nd time - The student will be removed from the class for the day and given to the parent; co-op
                coordinators are informed of the 2nd incident.

                3rd time - We will ask the parent and child to wait to join us at a later session when he/she is willing to
                participate properly.

We want to provide an excellent learning environment for all involved.  If there are constant disruptions, this takes away valuable classroom time.