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Coop update

posted Apr 5, 2021, 8:33 PM by Beth Schlosser
Hi all,


Allison and I would like to provide an update regarding CCC Homeschool Coop. As you know, we were not able to hold coop due to covid this past year. While we were hopeful that we might be able to resume this fall, CCC is not able to commit to that at this time. They have a lot to consider with having the preschool onsite, and at this time they are not sure they’ll be able to open the building to us. There are also not as many CCC families as there were at one time, so this limits possibilities for leadership going forward.


With that, we are reaching out to see if anyone in the homeschool community feels led to take over coordinating coop and bring this ministry to their church. Allison and I will be happy to come alongside you for support and will gladly share all of our resources, contact lists, etc. This feels like a big change, and brings some sadness, but I think we can look at it as a positive as well. There may be a church out there that would welcome coop using their space and providing community and fellowship to the homeschool community. There may be people that God has for leadership that will bring growth, change, and new perspectives to the coop.


So, think and pray over whether this might be you and your church and be in touch  I typically start lining up teachers late April/early May, so this is a good time to start something new 


We have enjoyed serving you and look forward to seeing what God has in store for Homeschool Coop!



Beth and Allison